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Certified Teachers

Success starts with Knowledge and Skills which are like energy that cannot be created but can only be transferred from one to another. BillionaireMinds boasts of a robust team of Certified Trainers who facilitate in this process of transfer of Knowledge and Skills.

Covering the ‘Ignored-But-Important’

Personal Finance is a subject which needs to be covered in our regular curriculum. Though agreed and appreciated, Personal Finance is never introduced to kids in regular education. And hence this important aspect of education has always remained highly ignored. BillionaireMinds endeavors to cover this Gap in the Education System.

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Money management skills

Born Poor is not your fault, but dying Poor is. And most people die poor due to lack awareness and knowledge of Money Management Skills. Earning well is not enough to help achieve Financial Independence, managing well what you earn will surely do. At BillionaireMinds, these are introduced to kids.

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Financial awareness

Foundation is important for a strong structure. Awareness precedes Action. Also, Financial Awareness is needed for financial well-being. Billionaireminds is one of the pioneers in Financial Awareness space.

Financial Awareness - Billionire Minds

Why BillionaireMinds?

Our Education System has ignored imparting Personal Finance. Accordingly, our Children (and People in General) are deprived of the required knowledge to achieve Financial Freedom. There is a definite GAP in what is taught and what is expected & achieved.

BillionaireMinds is a part of AURA EDTECH, a company involved in training people in Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance.

BillionaireMinds is started by Curator & Coach, Vijay Rao, who is a passionate Personal Finance subject matter expert. He is on a Mission to put people on their Journey Towards Financial Freedom. With more than 2 Decades of experience, he has conducted various sessions on this and helped people in understanding the importance of Financial Freedom.

  • AURA EDTECH is a small endeavor to fill this GAP in our Education System.

Course Categories

All the Courses in BillionaireMindsare aimed at putting people viz… Kids, Young Adults, and Seniors, on their journey towards their Financial Freedom. There are no Jargons used and the contents are flab-free. BillionaireMinds covers 5 age categories, 14-17, 18-22, 23-30, 31-40 and 40+… New categories between 8-13 and 50+ will be launched soon.

Junior - Billionire Minds

Billionaire Minds Junior

BillionaireMindsJr. is focussed on imparting Money Management Skills to children aged 14-17, so that they nurture their Relationship with Money well and achieve their Financial Freedom sooner than their parents.

Young Adults - Billionire Minds

Billionaire Minds Explorer

Billionaire Minds Explorer is focused on imparting Money Management Skills to Young Adults aged 18-22, so that they nurture their Relationship with Money well and achieve their Financial Freedom sooner than their parents.

Acquiring Money Management Skills and starting the Journey towards your Financial Freedom is of utmost importance. Do it with BillionaireMinds.

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Our Specialization

At BillionaireMinds, we follow the A.U.R.A. approach. AURA (Awareness, Understanding, Reconditioning and Action). This unique approach is curated carefully after deep study and helps our participants imbibe the qualities without any pilferages.

Experts’ Passion + Professionalism + Expertise = Participants’ Financial Freedom

Financial Awareness Programs and many more.
25+ years of professional experience
100+ Sessions conducted
1000+ participants benefitted
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Money Management Is A Complex Subject To Explore. BillionaireMinds’ Unique & Simple Approach ToTraining, Helps Participants Of Any Age From 14 To 40+ Acquire Knowledge About Money Management With Ease.

  • BillionaireMinds’ Conducts Group Online Sessions. If You Are An Individual, You Can Become A Part Of These Groups. BillionaireMinds Also Conducts Sessions Associating With Educational Institutions Like Schools, Colleges etc And With Corporates Too.

  • You may call us anytime during our working hours (9AM to 7PM) or you may also drop a mail to vijay@billionaireminds.in . We Will Be Happy To Reply

  • Yes, You Can.

  • Please refer to our Junior & Explorer Pages for Details

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What our Clients saying about us

My daughter, Shreya, now has a hands-on understanding of Basics of Money Skills, like difference between Need & Want and between Savings & Investments. At 16, if she is able to grasp these concepts, I am confident that her foundation with regards to Money Management will become stronger. I am sure to enrol her to further courses conducted by BillionaireMinds. ThanksBillionaireMinds.

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Software Engineer, Bangalore

While enrolling my son, Aditya, 15, to the basic course of BillionaireMinds, I was little hesitant. However, that decision proved to be great. Aditya now helps me in budgeting my household expenses. Glad to inform that, our expenses have reduced by 25-30%. Had I not joined him to this course, it would have been a great miss. Kudos to BillionaireMinds and Team !!

Audience - Billionire Minds


Ex-Banker & now a Homemaker, Chennai

My Son, Hiren aged 17, is a very restless boy and had always dropped out after the 1st session in the other courses that I tried to join him. However, BillionaireMinds, is one course where he not only was interested right from session 1, but now he has enrolled himself to the next level course. I believe, that a serious subject like money management is well covered and delivered in a way were even a restless boy like Hiren enjoys with full enthusiasm. Many thanks to team BillionaireMinds.

Audience - Billionire Minds

Kashyap Desai

Loan Consultant, Ahmedabad

Dolly, my younger daughter at 15, has gained so much awareness on basics of money, that she gets involved in all money matters at home, be it buying groceries or paying bills. We have 5 phone connections and subscriptions to Netflix, Hotstart, Prime etc.. and our monthly outflow towards all these were around Rs.3250/-. With her initiative, our bills have got reduced to around Rs.1400/- pm. Her eagerness to invest the saved money has also gone up. We are very happy to see this development in our daughter.

Audience - Billionire Minds

Surinder Khanna

Businessman, Mumbai

My son, Gerald, 19, is an aspiring medical student and we never thought the courses from BillionaireMinds would be of any relevance. However, the 2nd Level course which Gerald attended, has opened up his vision of money management. He is determined to start investing immediately and plans to retire by age 38. His goals &ambitions are written down clearly with time duration and monetary values. These things would not have happened if, we had not enrolled him for a course at BillionaireMinds. We highly recommend these courses, especially for people from non-commerce backgrounds.

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IT Consultant, Bangalore

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